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Information about Health Tourism: Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Information about Health Tourism: Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplantation and holiday at the same time.

Imagine that you are thinking of an esthetic operation. This could be hair transplantation.

What would you think of having this operation in another country? Wouldn’t you prefer to visit another city where you haven’t been before? By this way you will find chance to see museums, palaces, historical places and the bosphorus during your recovery time.

What about planning a getaway for the weekend or a few days and let all these come true? How would it be to have your hair transplantation being handled by safe hands and relax in a 5 stars Istanbul hotel? What about if you would pay ¼ of the price that you would pay in your country of origin? We, as Safe Hair Transplant, offer you this possibility. Travel and hair transplantation by accommodating at 5 star hotels and vip transportation.

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

Hair Transplant in Turkey

How to plan everything?

Where to start?

First of all you have to create a space of 2-3 days for yourself. In order to give decision about your hair transplantation process our expert team needs to see your head photos taken from 4 different angles. Simply, just take a few photos of your hair and send them to us by email or whatsapp application. We, as Safe Hair Transplant, aim the max satisfaction for our international clients, and therefore we will plant the most amounts of grafts as possible. This could be 3,000 up to 6,000 grafts according to your donor area.

When we agree on the date of the operation, you may purchase your flight ticket and send us your flight details.

Here’s the following hair transplantation Turkey process:

Day-1 Our transport team will welcome you at the Istanbul international airport. We will drive you to the 5 stars hotel where you will accommodate. You have free time at the rest of the day.

Day-2 After breakfast at the hotel, our transport team will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the clinic. When the hair Transplantation is over, which will take about 5-8 hours, our transport team will company you to your hotel.

Day-3 Our transport team will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the clinic for a control consultation. After the follow up, our transport team will guide you to the Istanbul international airport unless you want to extend your stay a few days and visit Istanbul. You may contact our team members for advices about the city.

What will happen next? When can you get back to work?

After the third day, you may wash your hair yourself.

And then you may get back to work or your social life if you wish to.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

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